Dropping Out The InterDependence Project
Modern Day Tribes and Other InterDependent Socio-Economic Models - The Monastic Household

    Morris Berman in his book "Why America Failed" concluded that America ultimately set itself up for failure very early on in our development when the dominant cultural "ethic" became one of "Hustle".  "In God We Trust" on our coins would more honestly state "What's In It For Me?"

    I would argue that the real root of the Human Tragedy the true "Original Sin" began when a creature that had been evolved over a period of over two million years for Interdependent Group Survival shifted to a form of Independent survival that has ultimately led us to the point where the individual is virtually powerless to defend himself against a Criminal Elite who control both the Debt-Money System, the Political System and an organized horde of Immortal Corporations that they also own.  It's not the 1% vs. the 99 %, it's the .001 % vs. the 99.999 %.   Welcome to the Matrix.

     The most valuable commodity for millennia has been capturing the output of and controlling the most powerful and valuable resource on the planet - a Human Being.   Man conquered the animal kingdom... and then started working up the food chain.... we conquered Each Other !   Not "We" as in you and I . . . . but as in our fellow humans . . . . the ones who Own us.   If this is news to you.... I'll give you a hint... you are not the predator ... and contrary to what you have been taught . . . you are Not at the Top of the Food Chain.   You are a Slave.  You and I are Prey.  Yet almost none of us know it !  A feat much more easily accomplished when you control both the public and private education systems as well as the media.

   We have failed to organize ourselves for our own benefit, so the elites have developed the socioeconomic structures to organize us for their  benefit.  The ideal from the elite's point of view is a helpless atomized individual, with no alternative support community, dependent upon their system for EVERYTHING!   How much real freedom can you have when you are utterly helpless to feed yourself or meet any of your fundamental needs?    Like animals in a cage, they feed us our food; almost none of us in the first world can feed ourselves. They educate.... or rather Indoctrinate us, distract us with mind numbing "entertainment" as well as provide a political system that is nothing more than a "Divide and Conquer" tactic so we occupy ourselves fighting each other and don't see the real "Wizard" behind the curtain.

    In the early 1900s we were a country of farmers. We could feed ourselves and meet most of our needs without being dependent on the external economy either for a job or for food or energy. Most farms could produce their own alcohol for fuel and the early model T was built to run either alcohol or gasoline. 

   Today people are for the most part utterly helpless to feed themselves or meet any of their needs independent of an external economy.  They are also dependent upon that external economy to provide a job so they can earn the money that is necessary to cure their absolute helplessness.  This is truly a sad and insane situation.

   This path unchallenged can only lead to one destination; Tyranny!  I'd say we have already arrived.... In Grand Style ! .... But... There may be a way Out...

   There's a reason we evolved in groups of 20-40 individuals. There was a pretty good chance at least one of us had a brain! The last thing  the elites who own the banks and the corporations want is people getting together and co-operating and actually developing ways to meet the bulk of our own needs; to feed ourselves, provide our own energy needs, provide our own social support systems including health care and to pass those means to true freedom and prosperity on to the next generation.

     Government ? It's FAR too late to fix the government.  It's not our government.... hasn't been for a Long Long time. George Carlin in his "American Dream" monologue put it perfectly;

"Forget the politicians!, the politicians are put there to give you the illusion you have freedom of choice. You don't ! You have no choice ! You have Owners! They own You! They own Everything! They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the senate, the congress, the state houses and city halls and they've got the judges in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear. They've gotcha by the Balls!"

     Watch the whole segment. I don't think anyone has put more Truth into a three minute space of time than this brilliant monologue by Carlin. Only challenge to my mind is Bill Hicks' "Just A Ride".

So, what is one to do?

     Firstly realize that your participation in their system is what gives it strength. The most valuable resource for millennia has been capturing the output of of the most powerful force on the planet - a Human Being.   Withdrawing from their system and investing your energy in an alternative system weakens their system and strengthens the alternative system.  By shifting your allegiance you shift from anti-hero to Hero.   Make the Shift !

     Secondly, by realizing your participation in their system makes the "wheels go round" means that to the extent you participate in their system you are ethically compromised for their wars and meddling in the affairs of other countries and how the tax dollars are mis-spent. They are standing on Your Back ! Withdraw Support ! Withdraw Support translates into stop spending money into Their Economy and start spending it into a Community you create with others to meet your fundamental needs.

    While it's hard or next to impossible to eliminate participation completely, the most significant change that would allow a dramatic shift would be to shift from an Independent socioeconomic model to an Interdependent one. This is the mode of survival that we humans evolved under.   It is our Natural State.   Independent survival has been a recent and hopefully transient artifact.   That's the Focus of this Blog.... to explore and support the development of Alternative Interdependent SocioEconomic Models that put more power in the hands of the people and accrue less power to the elites.

    Working jointly we could develop new Socio-Economic structures that would be infinitely more satisfying, and meaningful. Eliminating the waste of an individual lifestyle would allow the experience of real wealth and a form of security we can never have being helplessly dependent on their system. We've been brainwashed to think that anything that's not "individual" is socialistic or "communistic". That's part of our educational "indoctrination". Think in terms of a business partnership. Owning part of a farm much the way corporations own fractional shares in a corporate aircraft.

    Besides; Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are labels given to how the State is organized, not our private and community relations. We probably would do well to study some of the great Indian cultures for guidance. Some of the founding fathers did. It's quite enough to see the existing state of affairs in the U.S. today and know you want to withdraw your support of a system in which your participation compromises your ethics. Like the monks in the Dark Ages, who withdrew from the dominant culture to preserve what was good from the past, we must dedicate ourselves to creating a haven for the preservation of our highest values.

    This storm will pass. It cannot hold together. The Triple Threats of Economic Collapse, Peak Oil - Energy Decline, and Climate Change are going to deal a death blow to the American Empire. The question is; What will arise from the Ashes ? The pathetic legacy of a consumer culture bent upon personal acquisition and self gratification has left in it's wake utterly helpless creatures who once removed from sucking on the tit of Empire will be as helpless as a six month old babe!

    I don't think it's realistic to expect that we are going to convert a culture of addicts of consumerism to a more noble model. Like most addicts... their power to "choose" is severely compromised, if it exists at all. I think the best we can do is to foster the development of an alternative that will hopefully reach enough of a "critical mass" that from the ashes of Empire.... a brighter future, based upon values of Contribution and Personal Growth and Self Expression may ultimately emerge.

   This site is dedicated to helping those who are committed to blazing the trail back to interdependence.   Though interdependence was our natural state we've had 8,000 years building institutions and socialization processes that move us toward a solitary survival strategy.   It will take some effort to create a range of alternative socio-economic models.