The InterDependence Project
Don't Get "Faked Out"

      What little sports I did . . . mainly soccer . . .  the concept of getting "Faked Out" was Core.  That's where the opponent throws up distractions, hands waving, etc, to throw you off base.   To distract you from what's Important. To take your eye off the proverbial "ball".
      Seems to me that's what's going on now to the nnnnTH  Degree !  
      "Hunger Games" doesn't matter much what the story line is as long as it is Compelling and Distracts.  Distraction seems to be the Goal.  Surely, I'm not the only one who has been "Hooked" by these strategies ?
      What To Do ?
       Stay in the "Real World".   The world  you can Touch Feel and Smell.  Don't get Seduced.  Connect with Real People. Work on Real Land.  Disconnect from the Net.  The Net is undoubtedly our best Resource but it can be a huge Liability if we allow ourselves to get HiJacked !