The InterDependence Project
Tribal Household - One House - Five Acres and Six People - A Tribal Homestead
     The Real Unemployment numbers are north of 22%.... The Government Lies about everything.  That's over one in five unemployed.   What if say  six people got together and bought one of these now cheap McMansions on five acres of land?   Have the unemployed one do full time homestead gardening.   The others with jobs could pay off the mortgage and likely reduce the number of automobiles from what they would require if they were living independently.
    Most zoning codes allow up to six unrelated persons to meet the definition of a "family" as long as they share a common kitchen.   No problem having as many microwaves and refrigerators and portable cooktops.... as long as there is only one kitchen which is usually defined by the permanently installed stove and oven.




    1) Debt Free Housing
    2) Food Self Sufficiency  using an advanced Hybrid Farming model geared not for commercial profit but subsistence
    3) Energy Self Sufficiency -   Passive Solar, PhotoVoltaic Solar
    4) Ability to Earn - Tribal Business Enterprises employing all members
    5) Ability to Fabricate and Maintain Goods and Equipment
    6) Ability to Care for the Sick and the Elderly    
    7) Ability to Contribute To The World At Large