The InterDependence Project
Yellow River Tribe - Efforts Establishing A Tribal Household
     Our Goal is to Trail Blaze the path back to an InterDependent Socio-Economic Model that allows one generation to pass to the next:
    1) Debt Free Housing
    2) Food Self Sufficiency  using an advanced Hybrid Subsistence Farming model ( As opposed to Commercial )
    3) Energy Self Sufficiency -   Passive Solar, PhotoVoltaic Solar
    4) Ability to Earn - Tribal Business Enterprises employing all members"
    5) Ability To Educate Ourselves -  The Public and Private School System Indoctrinate ( See Carlin's American Dream )
    6) Ability to Fabricate and Maintain Goods and Equipment
    7) Ability to Care for the Sick and the Elderly    
    8) Ability to Contribute To The World At Large

Their Goals

Dependency for Food, Finance and Energy
Conformity, Subservience and Obedience
Preoccupation With Security and Status
Maximum InEfficiency and Waste
Power and Control
Insecutity and Debt
Inability to Accumulate Wealth
Models That Serve The Elites
Rule of "Their Law"
Accumulation ( For Themselves )



Self Sufficiency
Integrity and Free Choice
Focus on Growth and Contribution
Maximum Efficiency
Autonomy and Independence
Security and Surplus
Ability to Accumulate Wealth
Clarity and Coherence
Models That Serve The Community
Direction of Conscience
Contribution to Community