The InterDependence Project
Redefining Wealth and Freedom

     I can't help but come back to Jon Jandai's excellent TEDx video about how crucial it is to save seed :  "Seed is Food.  Food is Life. If there's no seed... No Life. No Seed.... No Freedom.    No Seed, no Happiness because your life Depend on Somebody  Else because you have no Food. 
   Jon has his Priorities Straight !   The Sad, Pathetic, fact is that we in the "Civilized"?! world have had the "Luxury" or rather I see it the "Curse" to be able to disconnect from the "Real World".  That tenuous tether to the Nether World is about to be severed !
     How can you possibly call someone "Free" who is Helpless  to meet their Basic Fundamental Needs?  That reeks of a Prison to me!    If you can meet all of your basic needs, then your need for "money" largely disappears.   We define wealth as having sufficient money to cure our "Neediness" by purchasing necessities from the Criminal Elite.   Not a very happy or secure situation even in good times, and I would say that as the Economic Collapse, Energy Decline and Climate Change worsen....  depending on a collapsing system is Sheer Insanity !     But ,  "Frankly, My Dear;   Isn't Insanity the Norm ?"
    Money is how you "purchase" the ability to meet your needs.  How we are taught to "Cure" our Helplessness.  It never occurs to the domesticated human to develop the capability to meet his own needs.... the way All animals in the wild rise to the occasion.   Something fundamentally Natural. Something Innate !
    Again, Jon Jandai hits the nail on the head in his video. 
  Starting at 13:28 in the above video
  " So I feel Its Wrong.  It's not Normal.  So, I just want to come back to Normal. To be a Normal person. To be equal to Animal. The bird. Make a nest in one or two day. The rat dig a hole in one night.  But the clever human like us, spend 30 years to have a house, and many people can't believe they can have a house in this life.  So that's Wrong !  Why we Destroy Our Ability That Much ?* So I feel like it's enough for me to live in the Normal Way.  But people look at me as abnormal people. Crazy people.  But I Don't Care. Because it's not my fault.  It's their fault because they think like that."

  If George Carlin's "American Dream"  takes the three minute "Truth Award" , Jon's talk takes the  fifteen minute "Truth Award".  There's lots of reasons I have come back to this video for clarity time and time again.

   Here's how I would define Wealth, Freedom, and Security:

    1) Debt Free Housing
    2) Food Self Sufficiency  using an advanced Hybrid Farming model geared not for commercial profit but subsistence
    3) Energy Self Sufficiency -   Passive Solar, PhotoVoltaic Solar
    4) Ability to Earn - Tribal Business Enterprises employing all members
    5) Ability to Fabricate and Maintain Goods and Equipment
    6) Ability to Care for the Sick and the Elderly    
    7) Ability to Contribute To The World At Large



* We've had a Lot of "Help" destroying our abilities.  The Criminal Elites have controlled the "Education" or rather Indoctrination system since the mid 1930's thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation and the likes.  So while the confusion is understandable, we nonetheless must take Responsibility.  We Can take back control of the Educational System.