The InterDependence Project
The Subsistence Farm
- Your Most Important Tribal Asset!
      There's a quote from Jon Jandai's TEDx video about how crucial it is to save seed :  "Seed is Food.  Food is Life. If there's no Seed... No Life.  No Seed.... No Freedom.  No Seed, no Happiness because your life depend on Somebody  Else because you have no food.  So it's Very Important to Save Seed"   
Not Commercial Farming - Subsistence Farming
   Ralph Borsodi authored some excellent books on homesteading in the early 1900s.  He was quick to point out that commercial farming was a very difficult profession but the subsistence homestead could be a far more lucrative as a money saver as opposed to a money maker.   We've got almost one in four unemployed and the numbers will get worse!  Those jobs aren't coming back folks!  Let's put those people to work raising food with innovative new models! 
    Anyone who's seen the absolutely hideous attacks on the small farmer by the Criminal Elite's goons at the FDA should see the wisdom of the non-commercial subsistence farm outside the reach and interference of the meddling thugs in the government.  
   This is how we also deal with the Monsanto's of the world !  The implications of widespread Subsistence Farming  are Huge!  It's Far better than Local !   Imagine 50 million Subsistence Farming Households !  
Four Innovative Farming Models
      We are living in an exciting time of innovation with new farming paradigms such as the Aquaponics / Vermiculture work of Will Allen of Growing Power as well as the grass fed animal techniques of Joel Salatin.  Of course the Organic Farming movement has made a huge contribution.   One of the Missions of  the Yellow River Tribe is to test and find the "Sweet Spot" for a Subsistence Farming Model incorporating a mix of these methods.   Also a focus are food preparation and storage techniques to enable the highest level of year round self sufficiency.
Permaculture "Food Forest"  Bill Mollison and David Holmgren
   Bill Mollison and David Holmgren started the Permaculture paradigm in the 80's.  

Aquaponics and Vermiculture  Will Allen - Growing Power
   Intensive and Innovative Urban Greenhouse methods for raising fish and vegetable produce


Innovative Grass Fed Animal Models Joel Salatin - PolyFace Farms


Organic Farming