The InterDependence Project
The Rabbit Hole.... Deeper Than You Probably Think!
      Ignorance may appear to be bliss, but it sure won't get you out of the Rabbit Hole.   

     It's far later than most people realize. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution no longer apply. Habeas Corpus... a basic protection observed by even kings since 1215 no longer is the law in the US. There are so many laws on the books that "Three Felonies A Day" is what one lawyer posits the average citizen commits in the course of a day. Step on the wrong toes and with the surveillance state already in place any one of us can be locked up or coerced into a "plea bargain" to put us back in our place.

We are not free we live in a Fascist State. Those who are awake know it already.

    What is going on is that while in the early 1900s we had extended family, family farms and community structures in place our society has become a society of atomized households. The individual lifestyle of one person 1+ automobiles, house or apartment, 1+ Tv's, mobile phone, land line, internet subscription, computer, washer, dryer, automobile insurance, property insurance, health insurance, cable subscription, electric bill, property taxes, etc. is simply no longer a possibility for a growing number of individuals. To say nothing of the absolute waste such a socioeconomic structure provides.

    Almost a fourth of the population is unemployed or underemployed. Should be no surprise the government lies about the real numbers. It's not your government and it's not mine. Hasn't been for a very long time. Those jobs simply won't come back and the next wave of robotics is staged to eliminate even more jobs. Smart meters eliminate meter readers.

    What do you do when you can no longer in good conscience support an empty culture of consumption? When every dollar you spend in the US economy ultimately makes the wheels of Empire turn? This site is dedicated to helping people