Dropping Out The InterDependence Project
George Carlin - The "American Dream"

    More  Truth in 3 Minutes Than I've Ever Heard Elsewhere

Jon Jandai "Life Is Easy"

 I've watched this over and over and it still amazes me.  I agree with Jon's conclusions
that for a society to be "civilized" the basics, shelter, food, clothing, and health care
must be universally attainable and easy to procure.... His conclusion is that we are
living in the most "uncivilized" time ever... and I agree.  This is exactly what happens
when you allow a Criminal Elite to control the Monetary System, the Corporations
and the Government.... Again Carlin wasn't engaging in Hyperbole... he was stating
a fact.... we have Owners... They Own Us... That is IF we depend upon them for
the necessities.

Jonathan Haidt - "The Ecstasy of Self Transcendence"

He's Arrived At Similar Conclusions To Mine - I Have No Doubt The Ecstasy of Self
Transcendence is a "Feature" and not a "Bug".

Contribution Can Buy Happiness - Paradoxically Titled "Money Can Buy Happiness"

An Excellent TED Talk That Indicates That Even In Randomly Chosen Groups, We
Are Significantly More Motivated To Contribute To Things That Benefit Others In The
Group Than We Are To Work For Individual Rewards.

Bill Hicks - "It's Just A Ride"

Incredible Wisdom