The InterDependence Project
Why Humans Frequently Work Against Our Own Best Interest.

      Surely there is no debate about the Fundamental Premise.  What other animal would create an Atomic Bomb.... build tens of thousands of them and think that somehow the fact that both sides could blow each other back to the Stone Age somehow was a good "Defense Strategy" ? !   "One Giant FART For All Man Kind !"
Socialized For Left Brain Dominance
      Fact is.... we have a Left brain that's a Very Good "Serial Processor" ... read "Tunnel Vision" Can't see the Forest for the Trees" Point A to Point B to Point C Brute Force ,  One Wrong Turn and You are Hopelessly Lost ! ; Cold, "Logical"... ( Effectively Meaning "Serial" .... Nothing!  More  ! )  with no clue whatsoever to the "Big Picture" .... and we have a Right Brain "Parallel Processor" . . . . .  Sees the Forest and the Trees.  Wow !  Awesome !  RAD !   Easily Distracted.  Captivated by Beauty.   Emotional.   Virtually everything Artistic emerges from the Right Hemisphere.
    "Lefties" which dominate the business community disparage those who pay too much attention to the right hemisphere of the brain as being out of touch with "Reality"....  Problem Is..... They are the Fucking Ass Holes who have brought us the "Realities" of Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change, and a Litany of Misdirected Logic ( Read - NonSense ).   Only the Right Brain can distinguish Sense from Non Sense!
   Let me tell you Brother.... In the Wild..... The Real World ,  Emotional Intelligence is the Dominant Intelligence !  Sure some squirrels  came along that simply didn't think it was "Fun" to gather nuts.... why Else would you gather them ??? ! ! !  Guess what ? ? Their genes didn't stick around.  The Natural World is NOT a "Thinking World". . . . It's a "Feeling World".    
    I'm amazed at the titles of books.  Are genes really "selfish"?  I remember reading stuff like sex being the pressure to "procreate" and other supposedly logical illogical nonsense.  Let me tell you fellas . . . I don't know about you,  but when I see an attractive naked woman, I don't have a clue what my "selfish genes" are thinking but it sure looks like FUN to me!  Seems like a concept of "Workability" would be more useful . . . . If the tendency for the behavior ( Emotion ) is adaptive . . . . good chance it will persist.  If maladaptive . . . . our squirrel friend . . . . the emotional tendency will not hang around .  It's very hard to "teach" squirrels the calendar and the wisdom of gathering nuts before winter.  You can accomplish the same goals by letting nature select out the ones who , for whatever reason happen to Feel like gathering nuts when the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler.
 Socialization Makes You Stupid
   Well what IS this whole Human Socialization Process About ?   Seems to me it's about Disconnecting with your Innate Emotional Intelligence and relying on your Fricking Blind As A Bat Left Brain Illogic  ( Logic and Illogic are virtually Inseparable - Blind Siamese Twins - Joined At The Hip ) for guidance. 
    You know there are people who in accidents loose their right brain... Still have the left.   They can't make decisions.  They can tell you all the intricacies of what each decision's outcomes will be but they simply can't "Feel" which one is better. Totally Clueless  to choose.  I know some left brain "Brilliant" people who, because they have an emotionally damaged Right brain are little more than "Idiot Savants"; Rain Man.  Totally lacking in Judgment . . .  Seems the socialization process is a Whole Lot More Likely to damage your emotional Right Brain than your compartmentalized, serial, lost in the woods Left Brain.   Explains why SocioPaths like Bush and Cheney tend to dominate the political landscape, not that Obama ( Bush II ) is any better !  ( David Rockefeller and his cohorts Own them Both )
   Alice Miller in "For Your Own Good" studied the childhood upbringings of the worst of the German Commandants .   The common thread ? You might think they must have come from Awful backgrounds.  Not so. The common tread was a strict "socialization" process.  That means being extraordinarily successful at suppressing your innate "Emotion Intelligence".  Putting your Left Brain in the Driver Seat.   Dangerous, Dangerous Territory ! Over That Edge.... There Be Monsters.  Disconnect ANY of us from our Emotional Right Brain and I assure you . . . you won't know UP from DOWN.  Why we tend to elect these Bastards to the highest offices must say a lot about the general state of confusion.